Three Trends I'm Loving NO.2

Today I'm back it with three of my current favorite trends at the moment. One of the reasons I absolutely love the world of fashion is because of all the trends that we go through and of course the unexpected trends we learn to live with ( um hello, clear jeans and boots). I'll be sharing which trends I'm loving at the moment and a few you can even purchase.



Yes, they're super trendy while also a huge blast from the past for many people like myself. I finally picked one up at Forever 21 (literally they have so many styles and colors) but I opted for a simple mid-dark wash and  while in line to pay I kept thinking how I used to live in these skirts! Really, I would shop at Limited Too and wear bedazzled mini skirts like it was no joke.

I usually wear a casual tee and either tucked in or a lil half tuck in the front with some jewelry and of course sandals even some killer sneaker would give a simple look a little more oomph. Super easy to wear and style!



 I've been so obsessed with sleeve details lately, its crazy how many different styles there are. Of course the bell sleeve is super popular and gives a plain blouse a little more than just being plain. These dramatic sleeves are so fun and I'm even a little obsessed with the short sleeve version of these sleeves (here).




This type of pretty, colorful, embroidery reminds me of mexican puebla dresses and tops which I absolutely love. Growing up I had a few embroidered pieces and my mom and sisters have these fun tops. Embroidered pieces are so on trend, and the colorful designs are perfect for the summer!

I love this new design of a little 'jacket/cardigan' look. I've seen a few that even have cute pompoms and a fun striped fabric.


Thanks for Reading!

Desirae Marie

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