Junior Year Reflections

eeek! As i'm writing this I'm lowkey getting sentimental-mostly at the fact that another school year has come and gone and that It's been 3 years since my high school graduation. After graduating HS in 2014 and going to a couple of community colleges, I've found my place at The University of Houston, declared the perfect major for me (I'll get into that later) and had one heck of a semester.

I'm not going to lie and say that this year was too easy but it wasn't as hard as I had thought it would be- especially since I transferred and had to adjust to a new school, classes, and everything. I came into UH pretty nervous and anxious. I literally knew a handful of people, I hadn't declared a major  yet and of course trying to figure out my schedule and which of my previous classes had transferred over.

So let's get into the gritty.

I did the route most people do when graduating HS and so I choose to go to a community / Junior college because A. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to major in, and B. I decided that since I hadn't chosen a major that It would make the most sense not to spend a bunch of money if i was just going to get my basics done. I don't know, It just made sense to me  and so far it's worked out pretty good. Transferring to such a big and low key intimidating school was scary at first but I've come to love this new school life so much!

Like I mentioned earlier I finally declared my major this semester. I'm majoring in Retail & Consumer Science with a specialization in Fashion Merchandise. I absolutely love fashion and the world behind it so it was pretty fitting that I want a career in it. I started taking classes for my major and they were so informative and I ended up meeting a couple of sweet girls who I've grown close with.

It was so fun to meet people who share the same interests as me and I loved this whole aspect of meeting new people in college. So yeah, this semester wasn't difficult but there were a few rough times -like 6 projects, yes class project! It was absolutely crazy how busy my schedule was but also pretty fun having that 'real' college experience with a hectic schedule and coursework.

 As I continue to write this I cannot begin to explain how happy I am to have transferred to UH and met the people that I've befriended this semester. It's been such a great semester and junior year!  I cannot wait for the fall and all it has to offer!!

I hope y'all enjoyed this personal post and as always thanks for reading!!

Desirae Marie

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