DIY: Brit & Co. Calligraphy Kit Review

 *All opinions are my own*

While I was at Target a couple of days ago I strolled by the crafts sections and found an end-cap filled with DIY projects and these fun little Brit & Co kits. If there's one thing y'all should know about me is that I love a good DIY!

Target has soo many good projects both in-store and online and I'm not kidding which kit I wanted to leave with but the DIY Calligraphy Kit was calling my name. I love calligraphy and how beautiful it looks, for a while I've been trying to teach myself but I figured for $20 it couldn't be bad to pick this little guy up and try again.

 As you can probably read in the photo above this kit features:

  • Calligraphy pen & nib
  • White ink
  • 15 Ombre Cards & envelopes
  • 5 practice cards
  • 15 gold stickers
  • instructions
  • plus a code for a free online class

This kit is such a fun way to get into calligraphy even if you are a beginner, in fact this kit is perfect for those who are  just starting out! Because I've been practicing and kinda already know the basics it wasn't too hard to get started. However if you are new, don't expect to be good at it right away it definitely takes some practice.

I am no way near being a pro or anything like that. I'm still learning techniques and the best way to get great results. One thing that I do question is whether or not I will need 'special' paper. The kit included 5 practice cards, I ended up cutting each card so that I had 10 sheets to practice on.

I also don't know what I was doing wrong but the ink was 'disappearing' on the black cards and because It was white ink  I kinda thought that I would just have to build up the ink but It kinda made the writing look  weird since I was having to add so many layers. After building up layers on ink I eventually saw that the pen and nib was scratching the paper and small pieces were tearing off.

Below you can see that after about 8 layers the ink is still no visible on the card which stinks but hopefully the ink works better on the colored paper. So after trying the colored paper , the ink is visible but of course you will need to layer up. And maybe since this is just a beginners kit the ink isn't the best quality but I still expected something a bit more. 

For the heck of it, I even used some colored cardstock that I had around my room and the same problem is happening...

This is such a fun and nice beginners kit to learn calligraphy but I was expecting more. It may also be that since I am new to calligraphy and this was my first item using a proper pen and ink I'm not used to ink control and what ink is best, also I have a feeling that black or dark ink would work well.

I definelty am not done with calligraphy and sure this kit helped a little but if you want to learn calligraphy check out some classes in your area or even search the internet for sessions and workshops. In the end I'm not really upset about losing $20 but I kinda over hyped this kit and was so excited to make cute cards and invites for my friends like the image on the instructions manual.

Again all opions are my own and if you or someone you know has used this kit and figure out how to use it, let me know!!!

Desirae Marie

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