Memorial Day Sales

Shopping this Memorial day? Check out these awesome sales from J.Crew, Old Navy, Anthro & many more!

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KJP - Free shipping

Nordstrom - Half yearly sale, up to 40% off select items, Ends 6/4

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Old Navy - 20% off selected regular priced items online exclusive, Ends 5/29

Vineyard Vines - Extra 30% sale items with code SUMMER17, Ends 5/30

Have a fun and Safe Memorial day!

Desirae Marie

DIY: Brit & Co. Calligraphy Kit Review

 *All opinions are my own*

While I was at Target a couple of days ago I strolled by the crafts sections and found an end-cap filled with DIY projects and these fun little Brit & Co kits. If there's one thing y'all should know about me is that I love a good DIY!

Target has soo many good projects both in-store and online and I'm not kidding which kit I wanted to leave with but the DIY Calligraphy Kit was calling my name. I love calligraphy and how beautiful it looks, for a while I've been trying to teach myself but I figured for $20 it couldn't be bad to pick this little guy up and try again.

 As you can probably read in the photo above this kit features:

  • Calligraphy pen & nib
  • White ink
  • 15 Ombre Cards & envelopes
  • 5 practice cards
  • 15 gold stickers
  • instructions
  • plus a code for a free online class

This kit is such a fun way to get into calligraphy even if you are a beginner, in fact this kit is perfect for those who are  just starting out! Because I've been practicing and kinda already know the basics it wasn't too hard to get started. However if you are new, don't expect to be good at it right away it definitely takes some practice.

I am no way near being a pro or anything like that. I'm still learning techniques and the best way to get great results. One thing that I do question is whether or not I will need 'special' paper. The kit included 5 practice cards, I ended up cutting each card so that I had 10 sheets to practice on.

I also don't know what I was doing wrong but the ink was 'disappearing' on the black cards and because It was white ink  I kinda thought that I would just have to build up the ink but It kinda made the writing look  weird since I was having to add so many layers. After building up layers on ink I eventually saw that the pen and nib was scratching the paper and small pieces were tearing off.

Below you can see that after about 8 layers the ink is still no visible on the card which stinks but hopefully the ink works better on the colored paper. So after trying the colored paper , the ink is visible but of course you will need to layer up. And maybe since this is just a beginners kit the ink isn't the best quality but I still expected something a bit more. 

For the heck of it, I even used some colored cardstock that I had around my room and the same problem is happening...

This is such a fun and nice beginners kit to learn calligraphy but I was expecting more. It may also be that since I am new to calligraphy and this was my first item using a proper pen and ink I'm not used to ink control and what ink is best, also I have a feeling that black or dark ink would work well.

I definelty am not done with calligraphy and sure this kit helped a little but if you want to learn calligraphy check out some classes in your area or even search the internet for sessions and workshops. In the end I'm not really upset about losing $20 but I kinda over hyped this kit and was so excited to make cute cards and invites for my friends like the image on the instructions manual.

Again all opions are my own and if you or someone you know has used this kit and figure out how to use it, let me know!!!

Desirae Marie

May Playlist

Hey y'all! Here's my May Playlist! Enjoy

This playlist features some new hits like 'Despacito' from Luis Fonsi , Daddy Yankee and Justin Beiber & how can we forget stud Harry Styles. His album has been on repeat the last few days.

I've also binge watching 'Riverdale' on Netflix and the music selection is amazing. I already knew some of the songs and artists featured on the show, like 'Trouble' by Cage the Elephant, but I love discovering new artists.

What have you been listening to? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for Reading

Desirae Marie

Three Trends I'm Loving NO.2

Today I'm back it with three of my current favorite trends at the moment. One of the reasons I absolutely love the world of fashion is because of all the trends that we go through and of course the unexpected trends we learn to live with ( um hello, clear jeans and boots). I'll be sharing which trends I'm loving at the moment and a few you can even purchase.



Yes, they're super trendy while also a huge blast from the past for many people like myself. I finally picked one up at Forever 21 (literally they have so many styles and colors) but I opted for a simple mid-dark wash and  while in line to pay I kept thinking how I used to live in these skirts! Really, I would shop at Limited Too and wear bedazzled mini skirts like it was no joke.

I usually wear a casual tee and either tucked in or a lil half tuck in the front with some jewelry and of course sandals even some killer sneaker would give a simple look a little more oomph. Super easy to wear and style!



 I've been so obsessed with sleeve details lately, its crazy how many different styles there are. Of course the bell sleeve is super popular and gives a plain blouse a little more than just being plain. These dramatic sleeves are so fun and I'm even a little obsessed with the short sleeve version of these sleeves (here).




This type of pretty, colorful, embroidery reminds me of mexican puebla dresses and tops which I absolutely love. Growing up I had a few embroidered pieces and my mom and sisters have these fun tops. Embroidered pieces are so on trend, and the colorful designs are perfect for the summer!

I love this new design of a little 'jacket/cardigan' look. I've seen a few that even have cute pompoms and a fun striped fabric.


Thanks for Reading!

Desirae Marie

Summer 2017 Bucketlist

Hey y'all, it's official I'm on SUMMER TIME!! Whoo-whoo!! During these last few weeks in school I've been jotting down a few places that I'd like to see and what I really want to do this summer. I've been pretty notorious to staying home and having a pretty chill summer with either a trip to the pool or just staying home watching a few hours worth of Netflix. But this year I've decided that I really wanna go and do some fun, interesting things and just have a really fun summer break. Here is my summer 2017 bucket list!

Be sure to check back in the next upcoming months to see which tasks I've successfully completed!

Thanks for Reading!

Desirae Marie

One Shoulder

Hey y'all! This past weekend was my cousins sweet 16 and for a few months now I've been searching for  a cute little party dress. Luckily I found this adorable one shoulder dress and I knew that it was perfect. I did have trouble finding an outfit for both the mass and party but ended up finding something in my closet for the mass. Of course this one shoulder dress was perfect for the party! It's super stretchy, flowy and in trend with off the shoulder and one shoulder tops and dresses.


 Thanks for Reading

Desirae Marie

Reader Feedback

Junior Year Reflections

eeek! As i'm writing this I'm lowkey getting sentimental-mostly at the fact that another school year has come and gone and that It's been 3 years since my high school graduation. After graduating HS in 2014 and going to a couple of community colleges, I've found my place at The University of Houston, declared the perfect major for me (I'll get into that later) and had one heck of a semester.

I'm not going to lie and say that this year was too easy but it wasn't as hard as I had thought it would be- especially since I transferred and had to adjust to a new school, classes, and everything. I came into UH pretty nervous and anxious. I literally knew a handful of people, I hadn't declared a major  yet and of course trying to figure out my schedule and which of my previous classes had transferred over.

So let's get into the gritty.

I did the route most people do when graduating HS and so I choose to go to a community / Junior college because A. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to major in, and B. I decided that since I hadn't chosen a major that It would make the most sense not to spend a bunch of money if i was just going to get my basics done. I don't know, It just made sense to me  and so far it's worked out pretty good. Transferring to such a big and low key intimidating school was scary at first but I've come to love this new school life so much!

Like I mentioned earlier I finally declared my major this semester. I'm majoring in Retail & Consumer Science with a specialization in Fashion Merchandise. I absolutely love fashion and the world behind it so it was pretty fitting that I want a career in it. I started taking classes for my major and they were so informative and I ended up meeting a couple of sweet girls who I've grown close with.

It was so fun to meet people who share the same interests as me and I loved this whole aspect of meeting new people in college. So yeah, this semester wasn't difficult but there were a few rough times -like 6 projects, yes class project! It was absolutely crazy how busy my schedule was but also pretty fun having that 'real' college experience with a hectic schedule and coursework.

 As I continue to write this I cannot begin to explain how happy I am to have transferred to UH and met the people that I've befriended this semester. It's been such a great semester and junior year!  I cannot wait for the fall and all it has to offer!!

I hope y'all enjoyed this personal post and as always thanks for reading!!

Desirae Marie

Cinco De Mayo

Let me start off this little post by saying Happy Cinco De Mayo! To be completly honest I need to brush up on my Hispanic culture and our celebrations, like this fun and colorful one! In today's post I thought it would be pretty cool and totally acceptable to share  a few of my favorite party details!