Weekly Rundown No.6

Happy Friday Y'all, and welcome to another Weekly Rundown!

WORE: Guys these little square scarves are a new favorite of mine. Earlier this week I shared this outfit featuring one of the fellas and I love how it turned out. So many retailers are jumping on board with this trend. My favorite places to get the are Target (that's where this one is from), J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Old Navy, and a bunch more!

LISTENED: THIS PLAYLIST. Oh my, it's perfect, I looove it!


SAW:  Funny story, I can re-watch show series forever and never get tired or bored of them. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill,The Vampire Diaries, Parks and Rec.,The Office, Friends... you name a series and chances are I've probably seen the entire show 2 or more times. Y'all I'm not kidding and yeah I know it's pretty bad. At the moment I'm re-watching One Tree Hill for the...3rd time.yep. I honestly just love the show so much! I'm currently on the second season!

POSTED: Do you ever have such a crazy, busy day that you actually forget what you have to do? Well I had My Spring Dress Guide scheduled to go live on Wednesday and I totally forgot about it. Oops! I featured a ton of cute dresses that are perfect for that Spring Wedding or even graduation!

LOVED: I almost love reading blogs as much I love writing and creating new content. I've been keeping up with A Girl, Obsessed and I'm so obsessed. This blog is a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and blogging tips. Definitely go give Mandy & AGO a visit, you'll probably get obsessed like me!

Do you have any exciting weekend plans? Let me know down in the comments!

Much Love from Texas,



  1. I have been loving neck scarves too girly + One Tree Hill is my all time favorite!

    1. Aren't neck scarves the cutest!!

      P.S. #Naley forever hehe