Staying Productive on a Lazy Day

We've all had those lazy days where we just want to stay in our PJs an watch Netflix all day. To be honest I have one of these lazy days about once every week. Lazy days are great, but for me I somehow end up in a slump of watching about 5 episodes of OTH and my day goes wasted. In today's post I'll be sharing a few tips & tricks on how to stay productive during one of those lazy days.



I loooove to-do lists, probably more than I really should. I don't think anyone really plans on having a lazy day, for me I just wake up and it's kinda how I feel and what I need to do that day. Every evening I make a to-do list for the following day ( I'll make one for Tuesday evening for Wednesday...hope that made sense). While creating my lists I keep everything pretty simple with color coding for my classes. I also add in easy chores likes cleaning my room and desk or doing laundry. Because I really don't schedule a lazy day, I can accomplish these easy chores without doing hard labor and still be productive.


Another way I like to feel productive during a lazy day is to partake in some of my hobbies. Lately I've been really into water coloring. Instead of watching Netflix or TV I'll grab my watercolors and start doodling or practice my hand lettering. If you love reading, grab a new book and snuggle into that comfy place. It's really a fun way to pass time while not wasting a day.


"Go outside and do something" famous words by my parents, hehe. I think at one point all of our parents said something like that, I know mine still say that to this day. Nothing beats a lazy day than  going outside and being active. One of my favorite things to do regularly is take sweet Rosie Belle for a walk and just play outside with her in the yard. I'm not the best person to be giving fitness, workout stuff, because I suck at working out but if you're gonna be lazy why not lose a few hundred calories and work on those abs! Besides, being outside is great, especially if your  cooped up inside all day and want a lil break in between Netflix shows.


 Just because your having a stay-in-your-PJs-all-day kinda lazy day doesn't mean you have to be confined to the couch doing nothing. Get up and have fun! You can try that new recipe you've been dying to cook, or work on a fun DIY! The possibilities are endless. My personal fave is blasting the Jonas Brothers and singing/dancing alone. Literally It's so fun, especially when you have to clean your room and you end us jamming!

Thanks for Reading! If there's any other tips and tricks let me know in the comments!

Desirae Marie

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