Recent Purchases

I've been doing sooo much shoppings it's ridiculous. But it's also crazy that this month and next I have a bunch of occasions to shop for. This month there was Easter ( In which it was obvious that I needed a new spring dress/outfit) , my baby sisters first communion (y'all this is huge in my family! She was the last little one to receive our Lord), Mother's day is coming up (I need a gift and my mom wants the whole family to match), my cousins sweet 16 (I swear I have no 'fancy' dresses and I love dressing up) and two graduations (my sister and cousins...although I probably don't need an outfit just gifts). So yeah a lot of shopping has been done. However there is nothing I love more than shopping so it's been kinda fun for me. 

Today I'll be sharing all of my recent purchases which is super fun because y'all I picked up some goodies! And as usual I'll be linking everything down below.



I hope y'all enjoy this little video! Thanks for watching!

Desirae Marie