Recent Purchases

I've been doing sooo much shoppings it's ridiculous. But it's also crazy that this month and next I have a bunch of occasions to shop for. This month there was Easter ( In which it was obvious that I needed a new spring dress/outfit) , my baby sisters first communion (y'all this is huge in my family! She was the last little one to receive our Lord), Mother's day is coming up (I need a gift and my mom wants the whole family to match), my cousins sweet 16 (I swear I have no 'fancy' dresses and I love dressing up) and two graduations (my sister and cousins...although I probably don't need an outfit just gifts). So yeah a lot of shopping has been done. However there is nothing I love more than shopping so it's been kinda fun for me. 

Today I'll be sharing all of my recent purchases which is super fun because y'all I picked up some goodies! And as usual I'll be linking everything down below.



I hope y'all enjoy this little video! Thanks for watching!

Desirae Marie

Spring Days with Rosie Belle

Hey y'all! Over the weekend I found this super adorable dress at my all time favorite stores... any guesses?!? Yep, Marshall's. I always find great pieces for a great price. I'm a sucker for anything blue and striped but throw in a ruffle and it's mine. So when I saw this dress out of the corner of my eye I made my way to it and luckily it was in my size. The drop waist is such a cute detail and I love how it can be dressed up or down! I also recently purchased this scalloped watch and knot bracelet and I love how they match perfectly. No lie I was getting Kate Spade vibes from both pieces!

P.S. Since I found this dress at Marshall's I'll share a few similar pieces down below!


Thanks for Reading!

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April Playlist

Hey y'all, I'm back again with yet another monthly playlist. Hope y'all enjoy!

This one features a few known songs and artists -The Chainsmokers & Tove Lo. I also am so obsessed with One Tree Hill and although I've listened to Dashboard Confessional before I kinda am obsessed with those guys! Also how could I forget my favorite spring/summer country jam! Love them all!

Thanks for Reading! Let me know what you're listening to this month down in the comments!

Desirae Marie


Hey y'all, I quickly wanted to hop on here and write a few words about my new recent obsession with the 'GIRLBOSS' show on Netflix.

Although I just started watching it this morning I am so hooked. It's basically a show adaptation  from the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso and her fashion empire, Nasty Gal. It's such a good show and I swear the first episode was like watching a show based on me. Literally. I think what Sophia has gone through is a great story for anyone who wishes to be a #girlboss and have a really fun, kick butt job. From personal experience I've definitely related to her in many ways. I'm super excited to watch the rest of the season! 

If y'all give GIRLBOSS a watch, let me know what your thoughts are down in the comments! Until next time...

Desirae Marie

Staying Productive on a Lazy Day

We've all had those lazy days where we just want to stay in our PJs an watch Netflix all day. To be honest I have one of these lazy days about once every week. Lazy days are great, but for me I somehow end up in a slump of watching about 5 episodes of OTH and my day goes wasted. In today's post I'll be sharing a few tips & tricks on how to stay productive during one of those lazy days.



I loooove to-do lists, probably more than I really should. I don't think anyone really plans on having a lazy day, for me I just wake up and it's kinda how I feel and what I need to do that day. Every evening I make a to-do list for the following day ( I'll make one for Tuesday evening for Wednesday...hope that made sense). While creating my lists I keep everything pretty simple with color coding for my classes. I also add in easy chores likes cleaning my room and desk or doing laundry. Because I really don't schedule a lazy day, I can accomplish these easy chores without doing hard labor and still be productive.


Another way I like to feel productive during a lazy day is to partake in some of my hobbies. Lately I've been really into water coloring. Instead of watching Netflix or TV I'll grab my watercolors and start doodling or practice my hand lettering. If you love reading, grab a new book and snuggle into that comfy place. It's really a fun way to pass time while not wasting a day.


"Go outside and do something" famous words by my parents, hehe. I think at one point all of our parents said something like that, I know mine still say that to this day. Nothing beats a lazy day than  going outside and being active. One of my favorite things to do regularly is take sweet Rosie Belle for a walk and just play outside with her in the yard. I'm not the best person to be giving fitness, workout stuff, because I suck at working out but if you're gonna be lazy why not lose a few hundred calories and work on those abs! Besides, being outside is great, especially if your  cooped up inside all day and want a lil break in between Netflix shows.


 Just because your having a stay-in-your-PJs-all-day kinda lazy day doesn't mean you have to be confined to the couch doing nothing. Get up and have fun! You can try that new recipe you've been dying to cook, or work on a fun DIY! The possibilities are endless. My personal fave is blasting the Jonas Brothers and singing/dancing alone. Literally It's so fun, especially when you have to clean your room and you end us jamming!

Thanks for Reading! If there's any other tips and tricks let me know in the comments!

Desirae Marie

Weekly Rundown No.6

Happy Friday Y'all, and welcome to another Weekly Rundown!

WORE: Guys these little square scarves are a new favorite of mine. Earlier this week I shared this outfit featuring one of the fellas and I love how it turned out. So many retailers are jumping on board with this trend. My favorite places to get the are Target (that's where this one is from), J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Old Navy, and a bunch more!

LISTENED: THIS PLAYLIST. Oh my, it's perfect, I looove it!


SAW:  Funny story, I can re-watch show series forever and never get tired or bored of them. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill,The Vampire Diaries, Parks and Rec.,The Office, Friends... you name a series and chances are I've probably seen the entire show 2 or more times. Y'all I'm not kidding and yeah I know it's pretty bad. At the moment I'm re-watching One Tree Hill for the...3rd time.yep. I honestly just love the show so much! I'm currently on the second season!

POSTED: Do you ever have such a crazy, busy day that you actually forget what you have to do? Well I had My Spring Dress Guide scheduled to go live on Wednesday and I totally forgot about it. Oops! I featured a ton of cute dresses that are perfect for that Spring Wedding or even graduation!

LOVED: I almost love reading blogs as much I love writing and creating new content. I've been keeping up with A Girl, Obsessed and I'm so obsessed. This blog is a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and blogging tips. Definitely go give Mandy & AGO a visit, you'll probably get obsessed like me!

Do you have any exciting weekend plans? Let me know down in the comments!

Much Love from Texas,


Spring Dresses

Since we're about two weeks away from Easter and  the Spring/Summer wedding season has approached us, I thought It would be fitting to share a Spring Dress Guide. During this warmer season I love to wear dresses, plus they make a great alternative for those days when you have "nothing" to wear!

Oh the classic lace dress, I cannot begin to tell y'all how many of these dresses I own. Really.  Lace is such a classic and feminine fabric that It almost never goes out of style. Here are some others I loving at the moment:


Wrap dresses have easily become my favorite style. This style is  flattering to any body shape and because it usually cinches up at the waist it gives that perfect shape to anyone. Here are a few other styles that I like:


These super basic yet trendy dresses are totally up my alley. The fun thing about these casual dresses it that they can aslo be dressed up. For example, let's take the first dress and spruce it up with a fun, long necklace and some wedges, there's a cute dressed up outfit for dinner! Here are some other ones I'm liking:

Thanks for reading y'all! I absolutely love making these types of post. Be sure to let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular you'd like to see on the blog!

Much Love from Texas,


Stripes & Floral

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Putting aside all the Miranda Priestly quotes, florals are a classic staple during the spring season. We see so many darling dresses and tops in this lovely print. I recently received this square scarf for my birthday and right away I knew it would look adorable with some stripes.


Much Love from Texas,