Weekly Rundown No.2

  It's crazy that the weekend is here again, I definitely wish we had another 3 day weekend. My week started off good but then got crazy and now I'm so stressed. It's been a rough week for me.

Welcome to another Weekly Rundown!
WORE: I wasn't having it this week. On Thursday I got stuck behind 2 trains on my way to school, temps got up to the 90s and I worked my butt off with school and work. To be completely honest, I haven't had time to shoot any outfit pictures. This week I lived in yoga pants and big tees- uh so perfect for class!

LISTENED: This week I've been on a major country kick. I'm finally getting to see Sam Hunt in March and I cannot wait! I discovered him early on in 2016 and I love his music. I've haven't just been listening to him though, I've been enjoying Luke Bryan, Brett Eldridge, Thomas Rhett and a bunch more.

SAW: Ever since I've be using Amazon Prime I've been watching shows and movies. I recently found The Choice on there and y'all that movie is sooo cute. It's based off a Nicholas Sparks book so of course I'm going to love it lol. In all seriousness it's such a cute classic boy meets girl love story.

POSTED: Since this week has been pretty crazy, I've kept off of social media especially Instagram. However, a new post went live on Wednesday. Ironically It's about how I handle 12 hrs of school, 20 ish hours of work each week and maintaining a blog. Check it out here!

LOVED: ON Monday My J.Crew style guide came in and I'm so obsessed. I love the style guides and I get so excited when I get mine out of the mailbox. Just as I had imagined, everything was  is beautiful!

Happy Friday!

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