Look For Less: Chloe Wedges

Last spring and summer everyone went crazy for these Chloe wedges. I swear almost every fashion blogger I follow and read had them or the exact dupes from Marc Fisher. 

Well lately I've been loving this style of espadrille wedges and I knew that I wanted to get my hands on a pair. $160 is a pretty reasonable price compared to the $625 Chloe pair. However, being a college gal I had knew that spending that much on a pair of shoes was crazy, my family even told me that It was crazy for me to spend that much money even though its a fraction of the cost of the Chloes!

I then decided to hunt down the best dupes for the dupes at a reasonable price.  Compared to the Marc Fisher pair, the next almost exact dupe would be the Steve Madden pair for just $60 you really get a good looking shoe! My favorite of this bunch would probably be the Matisse pair! I've been eyeing these for a couple of weeks. Just look at them! Aren't they cute, especially with the pink and brown!

I ended up purchasing the Gap pair not only because I managed to get them for $46, but I like how they aren't super tall which is great because as much as I love the height of the Marc Fisher pair I know that I wouldn't be able to wear them as much and I'd probably end up on the ground while wearing them!


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