Let's Rodeo Pt. 1

Hey y'all! It's finally Spring Break and I already had one of the most memorable days yet. Every year in March The Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show (HLSR in short) comes back and I and basically everyone else in this city goes crazy. Every year the concert lineup gets better and better, I swear! This year I wanted to see so many artists, but decided that I shouldn't see a show almost everyday, hehe. I did however, manage to get tickets to The Chainsmokers and Sam Hunt.

So, the HLSR is held every March during the 7th through the 26th. And there is soo much to do while you're there. You can catch the livestock & horse show, head to the carnival and eat crazy food (aka fried ice cream and nutella), see the rodeo, and probably my favorite attraction besides the actual rodeo, SHOP! There is soo many vendors and honestly It can be very dangerous for a gal who loves to shop.
Let's talk about the concert itself. Like I mentioned earlier, the lineup this was ah-maz-ing! Here is this years lineup:

I had originally wanted to go on the 10th, went on the 12th, going on the 13th, wanted to go on the 15th & 16th,  and lastly the 20th. I know, so many concerts, so little time!

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