Three Trends I'm Loving

Monday, February 6, 2017
Hey y'all! Although 2017 just started there are already so many trends to follow. In today's post I'll be sharing three of my faves and a few looks I love.
Say goodbye to the skinnies, during the spring/summer of 2016 we saw brands & retailers coming out with different styles of denim- raw hem, embroidered, etc. This trend has continued to make a statement now with different silhouettes.  Keep in mind that some of these styles are super extra by adding tassels (hence these) and other more subtle (love these).

how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag
This year mules just blew up! I kid you not I used to dislike them so much, but they've grown on me. Although I still think they're too trendy for me, there are some out there that I'm totally loving (these). Recently Krista over at Covering the Bases did a post on backless loafers and I loved it! You can definetly get a pair similar to these Gucci's for an amazing price.

Black Round Neck Floral Embroidered Sweatshirt
I could live in a cozy, comfy sweater. They're so casual, so when I started noticing embroidered sweater It was a no-brainer that It would soon become my favorite trend. Because they are embellished, it's almost like they are already dressed up. Of course you can dress it down with jeans and some sneakers (this one would look cute with some sneaks) or layer an oxford under. There really is so many different options and styles for everyone.

What are you favorite 2017 trends so far? Let me know in the comment!   Thanks for reading!


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