How I Manage My Time + Tips

Hey y'all, in today's post I thought I would switch it up with a few tips on how to manage your time. I am currently a full time student, part time employee and blogger. I'm taking four classes, working around 20-ish hours a week and finding time to sit and blog. It's definitely tough to handle everything but you gotta go what you gotta do and still make time for yourself. I'll be sharing a few tips on how I handle my hectic life!

PLAN, PLAN, AND PLAN  This semester is my first year at a 'real college', I ended up taking 2 year at a junior college so this is like my first year at a big, traditional university. I've been using planner for so long now and it's definitely helped me stay on track, especially this semester. During syllabus week, I assign a class a specific color to keep track of due dates and important dates like exams and presentations.  I make sure to write down important dates in both the monthly and weekly portions in my planner. I'm using a Happy Planner which has tons of space so it's perfect for work, school, and the blog.

DIVIDE UP YOUR DAYS  I live by this tip! I almost have a daily routine but I make sure to divide my day with what is most important. For example If I have a class at 9 am and a shift at 5pm I make sure to get all of my school work done in the morning while I'm on campus. I usually head home from school at around 1 pm ,so between 1:30 and 4:00 pm I'm either finishing up my school work or working on blog content and then off to work I go. I also make sure to strictly only do school work during certain hours and try to finish what's important.

BE IN THE MOMENT  This tip goes hand in hand with dividing up your days. When you're doing homework, only focus on the assignment. I tend to get distracted easily, so when I'm doing my homework, I make sure to place my phone in the other room and only focus on the assignments. This helps me to stay focused on my school work and when I'm done with that I can spend time on the blog. This also goes along when I'm at work. I try to stay in the zone and not think about the assignment that's due a week from today.

 SET DAILY TO-DO LISTS Like I said this semester is crazy, I'm taking 12 credit hours, working 20-ish hours a week and writing three posts a week. Each day is different, I usually only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday but I'll be studying and doing homework on campus on Mondays or Wednesdays. I like to focus on what is due the next week or which assignment due date is fast approaching so I'll work on those big assignments so that way I don't have to worry about getting them done later one. It's an easy way that keeps me on track by reminding myself what I need to do that day.
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