Weekly Rundown No.2

  It's crazy that the weekend is here again, I definitely wish we had another 3 day weekend. My week started off good but then got crazy and now I'm so stressed. It's been a rough week for me.

Welcome to another Weekly Rundown!
WORE: I wasn't having it this week. On Thursday I got stuck behind 2 trains on my way to school, temps got up to the 90s and I worked my butt off with school and work. To be completely honest, I haven't had time to shoot any outfit pictures. This week I lived in yoga pants and big tees- uh so perfect for class!

LISTENED: This week I've been on a major country kick. I'm finally getting to see Sam Hunt in March and I cannot wait! I discovered him early on in 2016 and I love his music. I've haven't just been listening to him though, I've been enjoying Luke Bryan, Brett Eldridge, Thomas Rhett and a bunch more.

SAW: Ever since I've be using Amazon Prime I've been watching shows and movies. I recently found The Choice on there and y'all that movie is sooo cute. It's based off a Nicholas Sparks book so of course I'm going to love it lol. In all seriousness it's such a cute classic boy meets girl love story.

POSTED: Since this week has been pretty crazy, I've kept off of social media especially Instagram. However, a new post went live on Wednesday. Ironically It's about how I handle 12 hrs of school, 20 ish hours of work each week and maintaining a blog. Check it out here!

LOVED: ON Monday My J.Crew style guide came in and I'm so obsessed. I love the style guides and I get so excited when I get mine out of the mailbox. Just as I had imagined, everything was  is beautiful!

Happy Friday!

How I Manage My Time + Tips

Hey y'all, in today's post I thought I would switch it up with a few tips on how to manage your time. I am currently a full time student, part time employee and blogger. I'm taking four classes, working around 20-ish hours a week and finding time to sit and blog. It's definitely tough to handle everything but you gotta go what you gotta do and still make time for yourself. I'll be sharing a few tips on how I handle my hectic life!

PLAN, PLAN, AND PLAN  This semester is my first year at a 'real college', I ended up taking 2 year at a junior college so this is like my first year at a big, traditional university. I've been using planner for so long now and it's definitely helped me stay on track, especially this semester. During syllabus week, I assign a class a specific color to keep track of due dates and important dates like exams and presentations.  I make sure to write down important dates in both the monthly and weekly portions in my planner. I'm using a Happy Planner which has tons of space so it's perfect for work, school, and the blog.

DIVIDE UP YOUR DAYS  I live by this tip! I almost have a daily routine but I make sure to divide my day with what is most important. For example If I have a class at 9 am and a shift at 5pm I make sure to get all of my school work done in the morning while I'm on campus. I usually head home from school at around 1 pm ,so between 1:30 and 4:00 pm I'm either finishing up my school work or working on blog content and then off to work I go. I also make sure to strictly only do school work during certain hours and try to finish what's important.

BE IN THE MOMENT  This tip goes hand in hand with dividing up your days. When you're doing homework, only focus on the assignment. I tend to get distracted easily, so when I'm doing my homework, I make sure to place my phone in the other room and only focus on the assignments. This helps me to stay focused on my school work and when I'm done with that I can spend time on the blog. This also goes along when I'm at work. I try to stay in the zone and not think about the assignment that's due a week from today.

 SET DAILY TO-DO LISTS Like I said this semester is crazy, I'm taking 12 credit hours, working 20-ish hours a week and writing three posts a week. Each day is different, I usually only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday but I'll be studying and doing homework on campus on Mondays or Wednesdays. I like to focus on what is due the next week or which assignment due date is fast approaching so I'll work on those big assignments so that way I don't have to worry about getting them done later one. It's an easy way that keeps me on track by reminding myself what I need to do that day.
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Weekly Rundown No.1

Hey y'all, Today I'm starting today off with a weekly rundown. In this post I'll be sharing some favorites from my week as well as what I've done, saw, listened to and loved.
WORE: Last Sunday I wore one of my favorite outfits to mass and even did a little Valentine's shoot for Tuesday. This look was perfect for v-day thanks to the pink and gold colors and the ever so cute heart wall here in the city. You can read this post HERE if you haven't so far.

LISTENED: I've currently been listening to the La La Land soundtrack and y'all this soundtrack is beautiful! I love it so much and not only because I like to envision Ryan Gosling singing to me in person ( I mean who doesn't??! lol) but it's a reallllly great listen.

SAW: I've been really into Amazon Prime, there's literally tons of movies (both new and older), tv shows and even Amazon Original shows which to my surprise are really good. I recently started watching Good Girls Revolt which is based in the 60s or 70s and the main characters (all women) who are working as researchers for a huge newspaper firm in NYC. To sum the story up these women 'revolt' by trying to become writers and fight for women equality in the workplace. I'm only on the third episode but it's sooo good so far!

POSTED: With it being Valentine's week, I've been trying to post pink and red. Since my instragram is fairly new, I don't have a ton of posts but I've been trying to post more regularly. here is one of my recent posts!
LOVED: So this week a couple of amazing collabs came out. The Lilly Pulitzer and S'well collab is just too cute and I really want a bottle ,but do I really need one?!? The Riffle Paper Co. and Keds collab also came out this week and y'all I'm OBSESSED! I wrote a brief post on the collab HERE if you want to read it!
I hope y'all enjoyed this type of post! Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Riffle Paper Co. + Keds

This may be my absolute favorite collab everrrr!
Earlier this week I found out about a Riffle Paper Co. + Keds Collab thanks to twitter and oh boy, was I excited for this one.  I found myself checking online to see what exactly was happening and Today was the day! Keds classic style and a little fun style with the platforms plus the absolute gorgeous prints from Riffle Paper makes these sneakers so fun yet so classic. I love them! The Triple Decker Champion was my favorite of the three but sold out so fast. Crossing my fingers that I can get my hands on a pair!
What do you think of this collab?

Happy V Day!

Hey y'all! Over the weekend I wore this super adorable & feminine outfit that I just loved! I'm a sucker for anything cute and sparkly, so when I saw this skirt at H&M on major sale I knew I had to buy it. The fabric, micro pleats and metallic dots, y'all I love it! Unfortunately I couldn't find it online but I'll be sure to link similar styles down below. On another note, the weather has been perfect down here (70s & 80s) so I managed to break out my favorite sandals which add a little height to the overall look!


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Three Trends I'm Loving

Hey y'all! Although 2017 just started there are already so many trends to follow. In today's post I'll be sharing three of my faves and a few looks I love.
Say goodbye to the skinnies, during the spring/summer of 2016 we saw brands & retailers coming out with different styles of denim- raw hem, embroidered, etc. This trend has continued to make a statement now with different silhouettes.  Keep in mind that some of these styles are super extra by adding tassels (hence these) and other more subtle (love these).

how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag
This year mules just blew up! I kid you not I used to dislike them so much, but they've grown on me. Although I still think they're too trendy for me, there are some out there that I'm totally loving (these). Recently Krista over at Covering the Bases did a post on backless loafers and I loved it! You can definetly get a pair similar to these Gucci's for an amazing price.

Black Round Neck Floral Embroidered Sweatshirt
I could live in a cozy, comfy sweater. They're so casual, so when I started noticing embroidered sweater It was a no-brainer that It would soon become my favorite trend. Because they are embellished, it's almost like they are already dressed up. Of course you can dress it down with jeans and some sneakers (this one would look cute with some sneaks) or layer an oxford under. There really is so many different options and styles for everyone.

What are you favorite 2017 trends so far? Let me know in the comment!   Thanks for reading!

Sunday Flares

Hey y'all! One of my favorite trends of the new year has been the different styles and cuts of jeans. I usually wear skinny jeans with everything, but today I thought I would mix it up a bit.
Flare jeans are super flattering and can be really dressed up. This pair is from American Eagle years ago and to be honest I even forgot about them! I love the look of these jeans with some type of heeled shoes and a cute top. Unfortunately I can't find this top & necklace online but I'll be sure to link a few of my faves down below as well as everything I'm wearing.


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